The Clarion Call!

Hearing of a task to the furthest Plane still inhabited, our Heroes take the perilous journey to the Plane of Dread, at the edge of the Abyss. There, they meet the curious master of that benighted land, but are soon forced to flee as a dire being emerges, her Sovereign might all but unstoppable. With a sacrifice, they emerge battered but unbowed in safer grounds, yet still they prepare to return, for a prize promised by a new patron for the safe return of his valued servant proves irresistible – a Truth. With another servant in alliance, they leap back to Barovia, protecting the town before returning to the castle.

The trials to reach the castle’s peak proves perilous, as a companion is lost to the stone labyrinth as the ones remaining suffer the many traps and falseways of the captured castle. Through guile and strength, they reach the summit, and are forced to fight against their own by the Dreadmistress who has them as puppets on a string. The stolen powers of the gods are not enough, however, to hold back our heroes as she is forced to flee from a new Sovereign that rises to meet her power. The servants freed from their cruel fates, they return to the Silver Temple, with their prize as promised, yet bitter is the drink of victory as some truths become all too clear…

Echoes of Discord!

Returning to Realms Forgotten after their trials in the now Lost Hells, it is a bitter homecoming as demons now ravage their home. Secreting themselves in the besieged mountain city of Mirabar, they deny the forces of the Abyss their prize as they tap into powers long forgotten. Matters come to a head as Claes duels the Greater Balor within the collapsing Heart of the Mountain as his friends ensure the safety of the remaining soldiers. Summoning the stellar arms and raiment worthy of a True Sovereign, the paladin prevails with moments to spare before the mountain erupts in fire.

With the people of Mirabar safe for now, they focus their efforts elsewhere, for the powers of the Abyss have long held a particular Realm under their sway. Elsewhere, a young child has heard the Call from someone dear to them, and just might answer such a summons!

Raise your Flag
Go Forth
Show them what we’re Worth

A Beacon in the Turmoil
To you the World shall Rally

Raise your Head
Stand Tall
For you refuse to Fall

A Light in the Darkness
For all the World to See

Raise your Voice
Stand Strong
With a Will to carry on

A Song in the Silence
For all the World to Hear

The Rising Tide!

Ancient sins sowed at Dawn are reaped with great calamity at Dusk as the bonds of the Scorned Exarch are broken, unleashing the full fury of the Abyss from within the core of the fortress Malsheem. Now the great realm of He Who Was suffers perhaps its last transformation as the corrupting powers of the Deep turn the Nine Hells into their beachhead to continue their conquest for all that is.

Pacts held between Above, Below and Within unravel as gods and primordials now take sides to save what’s left, for themselves or for others. The Concord broken by failure to uphold their duties, the Overgod’s portfolio over gods has been released, and now the gods are fragmented more than ever, some now seeking higher ambitions than their stations.

Now seeing the time is ripe, the Elder Elemental Eye marshals its primordial minions, seeking to free more of their brethren from their godly prisons and finally reclaim their creations from the divine usurpers, seemingly uncaring of the coming oblivion.

Now the Dark Tide rises to swallow All…

Now, more than ever, Heroes must Rise even higher!

The Crashing Storm!

Making their way through the Nine Hells, our Heroes become the unwilling guests of Mephistopheles, seemingly intent on barring them deeper passage into Nessus. Realizing the presence of intruders within the icy halls of Mephistar, they make contact with familiar agents of the Scorned Exarch. Making common cause to reach the Ninth Hell, they travel upon the River Styx to hasten their travels. A desperate battle upon their watercraft continues upon ice floes as they are relentlessly assailed by Devils led by a powerful Pit Fiend.

Luck – or misfortune- is on the side of our heroes as the Pit Fiend gazes too deeply into Nuada, and finds revelations that repulse him and his cohorts. Now arriving upon the steaming riverbanks of Nessus, our heroes separate from the two agents, intent on warning the Archfiend of the coming armies at his doorstep.

Seemingly welcomed into his fold, they now make fateful decisions that will have consequences reaching far further than they ever feared

Armies now batter upon one of the greatest fortresses of the Planes, and walls that hold without and within show weakness for the first time…

Lightning from Heaven!

While our Heroes barely survived their encounter against a mighty Balor of the Abyss, they gained newfound Powers granted by a mysterious patron. Undeterred even when flung into the depths of the Astral Sea, they return to Hestavar with the aid of the Free Flame to plan their next move.

Consulting with Ioun’s Avatar of Knowledge, she enlightens our heroes on the omens now beginning to take shape, one from the very slopes of Celestia, and the other from the depths of the Nine Hells. Already familiar with the latter, they make ready to once again travel into the domain of Asmodeus.

Elsewhere, a silver warrior is slain, and the faithful of the Three now march to the Song of a new leader

Divine Blood has been spilt, and the omens speak of darker days to come…

The Gathering Storm!

Our Heroes pursue the Scorned Exarch, and through trials and travails across the Astral Planes, they meet their adversary in the Grand Library of Ioun. A tense parley is made as they are cast into the Nine Hells, and together, they escape the Tyrant God’s realm, our Heroes back to Hestavar, and their foe to parts unknown.

Now knowing that their quarry has a presence in Sigil, they make haste for the Crossroads of the Planes, hoping to discover her plans before they come to fruition.

Unbeknownst to our Heroes, forces from Above, Below and Beyond are now making moves eons in the making, to take hold of a sublime Power that has been scattered for far too long.

Can our Heroes find the strength and courage to ride out the Gathering Storm? Or will the Rising Tide overcome the Planes?

The Clouds before Thunder!

Faerun has endured Crises and Troubles before, but now the Planes themselves are in peril from forces with schemes reaching to the highest peaks of the Astral Realms. The new gods of Death, Magic and Strife struggle with their new states of being, flawed mortality straining against their new divine forms, and many seek to usurp the godlings from their brittle thrones…

Worse still are those who seek to usurp control over the order of things and enforce their vision upon the world of Toril

But there are mortals who will take up arms against these foes. Some have been thrust by manifest destiny, capable of seemingly divine feats, while others take the path to discover their true origins or for personal glory. Finally, there are those who struggle in their quest for revenge, retribution, and most difficult of all, redemption.

The Time of Troubles may have passed, but this Era of Upheaval may yet have need for a of Time of Heroes!