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Player Characters

Claes Aileron
Nuada Nightstride
Sarvin Damakos
Zephire Testarossa


The First Song (?) – She who …

“Fight for that which you love. Those who fight for nothing, die for nothing…”

The Shame of the Gods. The First (some would say Scorned) Exarch. Now more known as The Bad Lady.

Althea (Human) – She who Sacrificed Everything

“Give, until you have nothing more to give. Show them that even with nothing, you can give everything”

Once the Hand of Tyr. She forsook her oaths and took the Sable for reasons she keeps close to her heart

Winter (Elf) – He who Performs for…

“The greatest tales demand a great many things, but a terrible tune is a sound start”

The Great Bard. Founder of the modern College of Valor. Rumored to have a younger brother, but such notions are absurd considering his own immense fame. Surely someone of Winter’s stature would be widely known to have fellow siblings… right?

White Knight (Human) – He who Died for Order

“I need no pawns to move before me, knaive!”

Master of Steeds. The Queen’s Gambit. Known to be in pursuit of the Black Rook, but disappeared soon after tracking his quarry to Sigil. Most famous for leading the assembled forces of the Triad in routing the forces of the Abyss before the Time of Troubles. Knowing that even the army of the Triad would not prevail, he challenged the First Song in single combat to halt her advance. Even backed with the Red Knight’s blessing, he could not prevail and was slain in a battle worthy of songs…

Black Rook (Half-Orc) – He who Holds Faith

“That which defines the victor, and the vanquished”

The Iron Bulwark. The Check and Balance. For reasons unknown to his fellow warriors of the faith, he has taken an oath of service to the Scorned Exarch. Previously known for discipline exceeding even those asked of the paladins of Helm, his loyalties have come into serious suspicion after his departure.

Yvraine Silversign (Fey) – She who Roams to return Home

“There is no need to hide, when you become the very thing they never wish to see”

The Planestrider. Shar’s Shadow. While a rare few can match or exceed her skills in stealth, stalking or archery, none can match her in all of the myriad skills she has accumulated over the long odysseys she has traveled. Claims to know the whereabouts of the Scorned Exarch. A bold claim made dubious with the asking price of an astral diamond, and her known affiliation with many unsavory elements in Sigil.

Brachs Deepdiver (Azer) – He who Lives alongside Others

“I’m firin’ on’all cylinders!”

The Free Flame. The rare Azer who can claim to be free from the slavery of the Fire Giants. He has used this freedom to pursue the most unusual of career choices – sailing on the myriad seas, Astral or otherwise. He, along with Rod Longhammer, created a famous recipe of ale that he is spreading across the great port-cities he has visited.

Zarina Deadwinter (Human) – She who Serves…

“Strong is my Steel, Dark is my Mind, Carmine the ground that I Tread”

The Scarlet Chain. The Silken Lash. A prominent Dreadmistress amongst the ranks of Bane, she is known amongst the faithful as an enforcer of the oaths that mortals take to their divine masters. Despite her self-proclaimed “duty”, many see a dreaded figure who slays anyone of a rival faith to ensure the supremacy of The Black Lord.

Raven (Human) – He who Yearns for what he Lost

“The glitter of astral stars pale to the shine that your eyes offer me”

The Star-Crossed Prince. The Young Captain. Blessed of charisma and an aura of contagious optimism, many flock and fight just to be part of his crew. In the span of but a year, he has proven himself to be one of the most skilled captains to ever traverse the Astral Seas, making a name for himself amongst its denizens. He rarely keeps berth for long, as he always yearns to return to the voids between, seeking they say, a treasure that is of incalculable value.

Jaela Daran (Human) – She who Keeps her Innocence

“Its nice to finally put a face to the Voice”

The Argent Spear. She is the latest Keeper of the Silver Flame, and called upon by the entity whom she keeps council with, she left her station without hesitation, despite the politics that would ensue with the Council. While young of age and slight of stature, her will is that of adamantium and she wields the powers of the Silver Flame with the same ease as she breathes.

Strahd Von Zarovich (Human) – He who is Loyal to the End

“And what is she, but a… I digress”

The Immortal Count. The Pale Rider, he has stood sentinel over the last bastion of sanity before the edge of the Abyss. Here, he shepherds the unfortunate mortals who have suffered under the Mists since time immemorial, and he does so for the same fate may befall all other planes.

Maria Lolita Von Zarovich (Human) – She who is Faithful to the End

“Even the strongest will can be broken with Love”

The Once and Future Wife. The Mistress of Sorrows. She was cursed by the Abyss to forever be bound to her love in a cruel spiral of tragedy, until a Discord in the Song led to her rebirth not in the Plane of Dread, but in Realms Forgotten. Now living a new life free from the fate she has long suffered under, Maria now lives, and loves, of her own free will.

Asmodeus (?) – He who Gave them Everything

“They Sing that that road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Then so be it, I shall take the high road to damnation!”

The Scorned Exarch. The greatest general of the Dawn War. He did all he could to bring victory for the gods, and when the Abyss threatened to consume all, he took it upon himself the task of guarding its gates, standing sentinel upon the yawning portal. However, even with his pride – or perhaps because of it -, he fell to its foul influences and eventually started to turn, the pull to release the seals growing stronger as the ages passed. With what will he had left, he called those who could stop this corruption, and these individuals did, but the seals could not be saved…

Supporting Cast

Lord Piergeiron Paladinson (Human)
Open Lord of Neverwinter, he wanted to become a wizard in his youth, but his family’s namesake called loudly in him.

Rod Longhammer (Dwarf)
Co-Owner of Kanye’s Dragon Mountain™, he is the brewmaster of the tavern’s famous Mountain Mist ale.

Yvan Amry (Tiefling)
Along with Rod, she handles the tavern as the baker and bartender, among other things.

The Lieutenant (Human?)
A famous traveling merchant, he specializes in poultry. Has a penchant for tall tales.

Minor/ Misc.

Bosh – Friend to Cletus and a good man found often on the wrong side of justice.

Chouculous the Profane – A court wizard in Lord Nasher’s employ, he has found first hand the effects of a certain amulet. He got the monicker from the bile he unleashes onto people who ask about his “sinister hand”.

“Crow” – A young man who was stationed on the former Masked Buccaneer’s crow’s nest, he has a fondness for young Aeryn.

High Priest Laradan – The residing cleric in Neverwinter’s Temple of Tyr, he has met the Masked Lord Konstantin and found him wanting.

Ophala Cheldarstorn – Owner and operator of the Moonstone Mask, she is an avid art collector and savvy businesswoman.

Pythas Sotho – A halfling who owns a wealthy caravan company, she has many eyes and ears along the sword coast.

Spaghetti Lord – A curious Masked Lord who was found slathered in errant pasta on arriving in an emergency meeting. The other Lords do not comment on this, but has become quite the topic among the nobles.

Sterling Goldbrand – A Dwarf who owns a profitable sea trading company. He appears to have darker connections.

Tarn Hillod – A merchant labelled traitor by Waterdeep, he fled to Neverwinter before he could be apprehended.



Places of Interest

Kanye’s Dragon Mountain™ – A famous tavern in Waterdeep, home of the famous Mountain Mist Ale and chosen lair of the Masked Lord Konstantin


Places of Interest

Blacklake – District of the nobles, it is named after the lake that occupies its center.

Castle Never – Seat of Lord Nasher and the crown of Neverwinter, it is a fortified citadel protected by powerful spells.

Temple of Tyr – A veritable Hall of Justice, it is a hallowed place where healing is free.

The Moonstone Mask – A famous bordello owned and operated by Ophala Cheldarstorn, it is the place in Neverwinter for rarefied (and discreet) delights.

Magical Realms = You have been warned

Salacious Fanpics

[Aeryn x Crow] = I don’t know what you really look like, so I used an old drawing I made in the draw thread FOUND somewhere (you guys probably aren’t interested)
“[Echo’s Adult Lessons]” = Claes, ever the dutiful brother, teaches young Echo about adult society! Super Illegal
“[Sarvin x Amry]” = Spring 2014 Actually no, I’m pretty sure people can imagine some sweet, sweet devil lovin’ on their own

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